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EJN Negri – Glossary


Bad weather

For the purposes of maritime and river works, these are weather events that are liable to impede works in progress.


Far from being a service or a burden, our staff is an asset.

While limited in numbers, Negri’s staff is unique owing to its expertise in maritime works, its versatility and its enthusiasm.

Dock and pier

A pier reaches out into the sea, usually perpendicular to the shore.
A dock is parallel to the shore, and is often used as the shore itself.

Negri builds piers and docks, whether walls, on piles or floating (for piers).


This is the means used by the company to enforce what it believes is right.

After spending years developing its art, Negri considers today that the expertise that it has acquired in the field of maritime works enables it to explain any difficulties to its customers, and to convince them not to resort to filing claims.

This is one of the company’s objectives: no claims, no lawyers.


A technique designed to drill bedrock (or reduce the size of isolated blocks) to allow the foundation structures (piles or sheet-piling) of construction works to be driven into the ground.

A metal boring bit is dropped from a height of a several meters on to the bedrock, reducing it into dust.

This seemingly rudimentary technique is in fact highly technical.

The boring bit is subjected to very high stresses. Its design and implementation therefore require critical expertise.

Defining the trepanning parameters is a complex task, as many parameters indeed come into play: Nature of the bedrock, weight and shape of the boring bit, drop height, etc.

Thanks to its experience, Negri is able to offer its customers the best performance when carrying out trepanning operations for maritime and river works.


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