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Expertise in Maritime and River Works | EJN Negri

Expertise in Maritime and River Works

When contacting EJN NEGRI, your are expressing your willingness to work with a professional company, that is focused on the future.
Our maturity, combined with our vast experience, explains why our expertise is recognized.
For the EJN NEGRI company, a specialist of maritime and river works, recommending which construction works are best suited to our customers’ requirements, in compliance with all applicable standards, is a mission of the highest order.

Our professionalism guarantees the longevity of our customers’ construction works.

Types of Activity:
construction works, pile driving and dredging, underwater works, construction of protective structures, construction of docks and piers, dolphins, construction of water intakes and outlets.
maritime and river works

Expertise in Maritime and River Works | EJN Negri

travaux de construction de Battage et dragage, travaux sous-marins, travaux de construction des ouvrages de protection, travaux de construction des quais et appontements, Duc d’Albe, travaux de construction de prise d’eau et émissaire. travaux maritimes et fluviaux