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Reinforcing the Breakwater in the Port of CassisReinforcing the Breakwater in the Port of Cassis

Small operation to reinforce the breakwater in this picturesque Mediterranean port.
The proximity of the Negri Company allowed fast and efficient service, even for several hundreds of tons of rock.

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The Open Sea Breakwater in the Port of NiceThe Open Sea Breakwater in the Port of Nice

The open sea breakwater in Port of Nice was reinforced by the placement of nearly 700 25-ton concrete blocks manufactured on site.

The grooved cubic blocks, each measuring 10 cu. m, were laid by nautical means from the outside of the breakwater using our “Kinard” floating crane.

The significant resources implemented, including an 80 ton shore crane, …

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Pier Head at the Methane Terminal in CavaouPier Head at the Methane Terminal in Cavaou

To build the protective shell around the pier head for the methane terminal at Cavaou, the STS group (Saipem-Technigaz-Sofregaz) entrusted the company with the production and installation of more than 600 “Core Loc” blocks.
These 6-branch blocks are placed according to a precise plan, with a precision level of 10 cm.
For this the company equipped a shore crane …

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