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Who are we?

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Our history

> The EJN NEGRI Company was founded in 1928 by Jean NEGRI, a diver from Marseille.

> After the Second World War, during which it demonstrated genuine patriotism, the company worked in the recovery of shipwrecks and ship repair.

> During the 60s, the EJN NEGRI Company extended its business activity to include the maintenance of breakwater and invested in a fleet of floating cranes.

> At the end of 90s,
the NEGRI Company was taken over by the ETPO Company (, a family-owned civil engineering and maritime works company in existence in Nantes since 1913.

It benefits from the strong financial support, which gives it access to all types of projects and further develops its maritime business.

> In 2012, the Negri company sets up in Morocco through its branch in Casablanca.

Jean Negri in Paris Match in 1938

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Our floating equipment and our teams’ expertise enable us to build our customers’ maritime structures ourselves.
This ensures that we have complete control over the production chain.

We also differ from a number of major construction companies, which outsource the construction of their works’ maritime components.
Our customers’ choice is therefore economically logical: dealing directly with EJN NEGRI, with no intermediaries, ensures better responsiveness, competence and responsibility.

As our professional teams have access to proven operating equipment, we can position ourselves as a leading player in the field of maritime works – a thriving industry in the Mediterranean region.

“Our motto: responsibility and effectiveness.”


The engineering and design department, engineers, construction superintendents and workers have the experience of working together for years providing for human safety and the sustainability of the work in an often hostile environment.

Our clients thus have the assurance of receiving quality work that is well designed and constructed under the best conditions.

The EJN Negri team

EJN Negri's geographic area

Geographic Area

EJN Negri operates mainly throughout the Mediterranean to perform maritime construction work:

  • construction of breakwater and protective structures
  • construction of commercial and recreational piers
  • work of pile driving and sheet-piling
  • dredging
  • underwater work
  • heavy lifting and rescues

EJN Negri's geographic area: Mediterranean basin, Rhone, alpine lakes